What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a card game that is played in casinos around the world. For many years the game was very popular amongst the elite, especially in France where Baccarat was played in special, luxurious rooms that kept the Baccarat players away from the rest of the casino and gave the players more privacy. In recent years baccarat has become increasingly popular amongst many casino players and the game has not been a game exclusively for the elite since the late seventies. Nowadays you do not have to go to casino anymore to play Baccarat. Many online casinos offer the baccarat game so you can play Baccarat online without having to leave your home.

          Baccarat at Grand Parker

The James Bond Connection

The game was made famous by Ian Flemming, the writer of the James Bond novels. Baccarat is the favorite game of the Bond character and he can be found playing the game in many of the novels and also in some of the movies like Dr. No, For Your Eyes Only, and Thunderball. The first James Bond novel was called Casino Royale and the novel, unlike the movie which is about Poker, is all about Baccarat. The plot of the novel revolves around a few games of Baccarat between Bond and the villain Le Chiffre. At the beginning of the novel the rules to Baccarat are explained to the reader to make the reader understand the plot and the excitement of the game. With James Bond becoming a cultural icon and one of the most popular characters in modern day literature and film, so too did Baccarat gain a lot of popularity.

Baccarat at Europacasino

Basic Baccarat Rules

Baccarat may be compared to Blackjack in that the players receive two cards and have to make a certain number of points with these cards. Where in Blackjack the winning number is 21, in Baccarat 9 is the magic number. The rules of baccarat are very easy to learn, but a lot of tactic can be involved in this game, making it both easy to play in a Casino and very exciting. There are a few different versions of the game, but in essence all these varieties are the same.

Baccarat online

We will focus on the most used form of baccarat online, which is American Baccarat. The game is played against a bank. Both the player and the bank get two cards. Only two hands are dealt, one for the bank and one for the player(s) no matter how many players are on the table. Players may request one additional card, and the goal is to get 9 points in total, which is the highest amount of points in Baccarat. We will discuss the rules and strategies in more detail later on.