Baccarat Strategy or Chance?

In essence Baccarat is a game of chance so it is very difficult to find a good strategy for the game, if there even is one. There are however some Baccarat strategies that are used by many players, but no strategy is perfect. There is no Baccarat strategy that will ensure that you will always win and unlike poker there is very little difference between good or bad Baccarat players. Most of the strategies that may work, be it just a little have to do with card counting and limiting your losses. Here we will give a short oversight of some of the Baccarat strategies that have become popular amongst large groups of players and look how effective they are. As we said they are no guarantee of winning on the long run, if they have any effect at all they may increase your chance at profit on the short run.

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Reading Previous outcomes

Most online casinos provide the players with a board that shows the outcomes of previous hands. These are there for players who like to know what hands were dealt in previous hands and base their actions on that information. Looking at the previous hands is for some strange reason a very popular Baccarat strategy. It is a strange reason because every new hand the chance is still 50% that that hand will win or lose. It may seem that if the Bank won the first seven hands the player will win the next one, but there is absolutely no mathematical reason why this would be so. Off course you can try to count the cards using the board, which may be an effective strategy for Baccarat. But, the many decks of cards that are often used makes counting cards virtually impossible. Some sites even shuffle the deck every hand to make counting impossible.

Cutting Your Losses

One Baccarat strategy that may be effective is the Martingale system. This system is also used sometimes in Blackjack or Roulette. This system is not so much a Baccarat strategy that lets you win more hands, but may cut your losses. According to this system you have to double your bet every time you lose to make up for your losses with winning hands. So, if your initial bet was 10, you bet 20 after you lose a hand. Although this system works, it only works in the short run. Another drawback to using this system is that casinos have countered the use of this system by implanting betting limits. So at one point you will reach the limit and cannot double any further. The conclusion is that there is no real Baccarat strategy that will work all the time. But the small edge the casino has makes up for part of this.

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